The IoST is bringing schools, educational recruitment agencies, and supply teachers together on a single platform. Launching this term, SyncEd will streamline the process of delivering supply teachers to the classroom.


Why consider SyncEd?

In just a few clicks, your school could place supply teachers into the classroom without picking up a phone!

Save money

Competitive educational recruitment agency fees will reduce supply teacher spend and keep money in the classroom.

Save time

Instant access to a choice of eligible supply teachers across multiple educational recruitment agencies – no more ringing around.


- Digital platform is quick and easy to use, search and place supply teachers.
- Search and place supply teachers 24/7 – no waiting until the morning.
- Access to supply teachers with IoST CPD.

And there’s more…

- SyncEd membership for schools is free.
- Schools can advertise permanent roles to IoST registered supply teachers free of charge

Sound good?

To register your school’s interest in SyncEd, simply complete the form below. There’s no commitment or obligation to become a SyncEd member at this stage.

Please register your interest below

IoST registered supply teachers will:

  • Link their personal profile to their current recruitment agency.
  • Have free access to CPD through the Teacher Learning Camp (TLC). 
  • Show their availability for work.
  • Accept/reject placement offers.

SyncEd registered school will:

  • Link their school to their preferred recruitment agencies.
  • Post vacancies to supply teachers via their preferred supplier recruitment agencies.
  • Offer placements to the most competitively priced recruitment agency.

SyncEd registered recruitment agencies will:

  • Encourage their database of compliant supply teachers to register with the IoST so that they can be offered placements on SyncEd.
  • Invoice the school and pay the supply teacher in the normal way.

You will be given a login to the IoST and be able to set up your school profile. Create a Supply Vacancy and then access our pool of available approved supply teachers by distance, teaching level and subject and cost. Simply select the teachers you would like to invite for the placement, and they will be notified and able to accept within seconds of posting.

Yes. SyncEd sends instant notifications to eligible supply teachers immediately and they can respond immediately so you will be able to cover your emergency supply needs quickly and without the stress.

SyncEd membership is free for schools. You will be invoiced for the cost of any supply teachers you hire via the supply agency in the usual way.

Yes. As long as the supply teacher is registered with the IoST, you can use SyncEd to place supply teachers on the school’s payroll free of charge. We will provide you with reports of supply teacher placements that you can use to pay the supply teacher in the usual way. In the future we may offer self-billing functionality.

Yes. Ask them to register with SyncEd and we can record that they are a preferred supplier to your school.

SyncEd will vet all supply agencies joining the platform to ensure they operate to the highest standards. The Agencies will manage the teacher compliance process in the normal way. You will be able to verify the teachers' QTS and DBS certifications on the platform. 

IoST registered supply teachers have access to our Teacher Learning Camp providing free CPD courses.

You can raise a support case through SyncEd which will be passed through to the supply agency to resolve. Should there be any further dispute then SyncEd will seek to mediate.

We charge supply agencies a fee to use the platform.

SyncEd reduces the administrative costs for schools. For each a placement opportunity posted, schools can choose from a list of eligible supply teachers based on cost. Supply agencies will pitch their fees competitively to secure bookings – giving schools more control and choice over their supply teacher spend.

No. Use SyncEd as much or a little as you want as you transition from your existing arrangements.

Schools will be presented with a list of supply teachers that match their placement criteria (location, teacher qualifications etc). The supply teachers linked with the school’s preferred recruitment agency will rank top of the search result. They send a placement request directly to the supply teacher who can accept (or decline) directly to the school. Upon placement completion, the supply agency bills the school and pays the supply teacher in the normal way. All with little to no intervention, phone calls, admin or stress for you.